The DNR Trilogy: Volume 1: The Night Crawler Protocol

“Lorena intuitively realized that something evil was afoot and standing directly in front of her.”
Blake Barker is busy managing a Woolworth store in Santa Fe when a hippie named Jody assumes the lotus
position outside,
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The DNR Trilogy: Volume 2: The Obsidian Knife

“I have no fewer than two human vampires on my hit-squad team. I’ll just bring them up here to your precious
DC beltway and let them eat you.”

After being turned into a vampire by Romero Lopes, the homicidal vampire who killed his wife, Blake Barker
has tamed his aggression and keeps his feeding restricted to animals and those people who deserve it.

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The DNR Trilogy: Volume 3: Brotherhood of the Bat

“The members of the cartel have renounced God… the local captain of the cartel, El Lobo, worships the
Mayan bat god, Camazotz.”

Set in the Land of Enchantment, the narrative begins with a seemingly uneventful encounter between Dr.
“Birdy” Marshall, an archaeologist, and two physicians,

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