The DNR Trilogy: Volume 1: Backing the Wrong Primate

“Brewster stopped his seemingly incoherent rant and went outside to stand in the pouring rain. It was as if a
house immolated in flames was suddenly being doused with a firehose.”
Dr. J.D. Brewster begins most days by putting a loaded .45 pistol in his mouth. He has been morosely
ruminating on an event he orchestrated and carried out with a few others almost thirty-five years ago when he was a medical
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The DNR Trilogy: Volume 2: No Good Deed

“If this life was meant to be my real life, then it should have come with a better set of instruction.”

This second novel in the series finds Doctor J.D. Brewster wracked with guilt over the vicious assault in the
employee parking lot of Gulf Coast College of Medicine,

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The DNR Trilogy: Volume 3: Clinical Justice

“Brewster was essentially isolating the existential matters of life, death, and love within the confines of the
penitentiary of his own mind.”
This dark but inventive medical thriller plops readers into the final episode from the rollercoaster life of J.D.
Brewster, a medical student with a flair for drama and a penchant for revenge. Read More >>>