The DNR Trilogy: Volume 3: Clinical Justice is the sprawling final installment in the
medical thriller trilogy by Don W. Hill MD. Although a standalone, readers are advised
to read the previous volumes for more clarity on the characters and their personalities.

When the eccentric medical student, J.D. Brewster, and the anti-hero in the story suffers
an unsuccessful murder attempt that leaves him physically damaged, his mind aches for
retribution. Things spiral further downwards when his girlfriend dies of complications
from diabetes making his friends shun away from him all along blaming him for her
death. This aggravates his burning desire to seek revenge as the isolation sparks
further hatred.
Slowly, Brewster welcomes the covert clinical justice system and ends up organizing a
secret revenge mission that shakes the very walls of the medical institution. With keen
precision and candor, the author re-introduces characters from the previous books
giving them a final send-off in this last installment. He provides a glossary of medical
terminology that serves as a reference for difficult terms used across the chapters. By
turns wry, vicious, resolute, and heart-filled, the text is a win-win in several aspects.
Further, Brewster’s pensive discourses across the pages spark up passive plot
disclosures. The dialogue in the text further offers forums for discussions while also
equipping readers with crucial information in every cleverly executed scene. Hill also
deftly breaks down the convolutions of the human embodiment and haplessly uncovers
the extent of its depravity and goodness. He manages to grasp the mood and offers an
enthralling experience for even jaded readers of medical thrillers.
Hill’s impastos are fine, his creativity encircling mankind from its most considerate to its
most disgraceful creating comprehensive, enlightening, and broad dimensions. Through
this, the text succeeds in displaying the richness of his artistry and his ingenuity as an
author fastening the apex of the book’s particular genre.
Intriguing, never boring or lacking, The DNR Trilogy: Volume 3: Clinical Justice by Don
W. Hill MD proves an engaging 5-star read. It is sure to meet with approval from fans of
the series and is artlessly recommended.