The path to understanding ourselves and the Universe as a whole often begins by
turning inwards. To truly understand all things, we must first understand what dwells
beneath the surface of our own lives, and that means facing both the light and the
darkness which inhabits us all. The most difficult part is often the darkness, whether it
is a darkness put upon us by events or circumstances in our lives, or a darkness which
has festered or grown as a result of unresolved conflict or emotions; facing the
darkness can be a truly difficult thing to do. As Edgar Allen Poe once said, “Deep into
that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming
dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”

In author Don W. Hill M.D.’s The DNR Trilogy: Volume 3: Clinical Justice; the author
brings readers along for the final chapter of J.D. Brewster, the antihero/protagonist of
the author’s DNR Trilogy. The story sees Brewster struggling with his own darkness, as
violence becomes more and more a part of his life and a turn towards vigilantism
leaves him the victim of an attempted murder. Scarred by his experiences, Brewster
gathers others who have been on the receiving end of violent crimes, hoping to exact
vengeance on the criminal element that they have been sworn to help heal in their lives
as physicians. Yet this final turn may be the thing that finally forces Brewster to see the
violence and darkness that has built up within him as well.
The explosive and violent final chapter in this trilogy was not a letdown for fans of this
series, to be sure. The author does an incredible job of striking a harmonious chord
between dark humor and the brutality of the violence the main character undertakes in
his quest for vengeance. Yet the juxtaposition of this violent thriller with the extreme
eye to detail in the medical terminology and scenes which take place was so profound
to see, and it added more depth to the character’s development. Yet between the main
character’s more violent behavior with the narrative and even the way he mistreats
women as well, including his girlfriend, who he takes down a path of self-destruction
that leads in her death, the main character embodies the darkness and long road to
recovery many have to face in order to even hope for redemption.
This is the perfect read for those who enjoy mystery novels which also blend suspense
and thriller elements into the narrative, and include medical knowledge that brings a
level of authenticity to the main character’s back story. As a fan of these genres, it was
interesting to get this almost pulp fiction-style antihero character whose flaws are
numerous yet represents the growing need for self-examination and honest
psychological evaluation to keep ourselves at our best both physically and mentally in
Thought-provoking, reflective, and engaging, author Don W. Hill M.D.’s The DNR
Trilogy: Volume 3: Criminal Justice is a must-read mystery thriller. The haunting
atmosphere and tension the author creates made this story flow smoothly, and the
conflicted main character made for some thoughtful and insightful introspective looks
into the minds of those pushed past their limits, and the conflict that arises in those who
have sworn to save lives instead.