Wearing the white coat with dignity and pride is an honor in itself as one gets to serve the public as a physician. Working in the medical sector is a noble profession, requiring high moral qualities and professional qualifications. Providing treatment to save lives is a great honor. Countless generations of physicians have overcome difficulties and even sacrificed their own lives to fulfill that responsibility, making their names, careers, and natural shine forever in people’s hearts. And yet, some abjure the ethical code of conduct and get caught up in the dark web of their schemes.

The DNR Trilogy: Volume 2: No Good Deed is a hair-raising and sweeping medical thriller penned by Don W. Hill M.D and the second volume in the trilogy. The plot continues to follow the main protagonist, J.D. Brewster, a medical student. When his main supporter, a head nurse, dies from a vicious carjacking attempt, he consequently goes down a dark path with little care about its consequences.

Brewster, and some of his colleagues become largely unassuming about the needs of patients as a form of restitution towards the grim and relentless nature of the Gulf Coast College of Medicine and University Hospital.

With a beguiling opening, this white-knuckle text does not tally in its pace but moves with precision and cadre. The author deftly introduces new characters along the way who are equally flawed, but all are memorable and well-fleshed out. The novel manages to whip your attention, and never fails to get your heart pumping, making you turn the pages at warp speed while also delivering an oddly satisfying uneasiness about what’s to come.

Given Hill’s knack for believable characters and compelling prose, this thrill-filled take is a perfect mix for a good dose of adrenaline. Fans of dark thrillers imbued with cinematic prose and cerebral influences will find this novel just as gripping as his smash-hit debut and establishes Don W. Hill M.D. as an unstoppable force in the thriller space.