The path of healthcare can be a noble and memorable path in life. To spend years of
one’s life studying the knowledge and advancements in medicine over the centuries
and discovering the path that will lead a person to becoming a healer in some capacity
is a remarkable road to follow. Yet being a healer doesn’t always apply to the innocent
and just in life. Sometimes there are those who skirt the boundaries of morality in our
society which require medical attention, and the conflict within one’s heart to treat
these criminals is something everyone in this profession must deal with.
In author Don W. Hill M.D.’s The DNR Trilogy: Volume 2: No Good Deed, the author
continues the dark exploration of one man’s journey from hopeful medical student to

dark avenger. After the nurse who had been trying to keep him away from the stresses
of the job dies after a failed carjacking, protagonist J.D. Brewster goes down a dark
and dangerous path. Joining a couple of others in his profession, he begins to operate
“clinical justice,” a twisted rumor that has become a reality within the Gulf Coast
College of Medicine and University Hospital that sees the worst of humanity facing his
wrath rather than his medical care. The twisted path of his vigilantism shows off the
way the darkness he faces begins to corrupt his own life in the process.
The author really elevated the drama and the character growth in this narrative. The
sequel in this series highlights the weight of the darkness that vigilantes face on a daily
basis; as those they seek to stop end up becoming a part of their own personalities as
well. J.D. Brewster’s mindset and actions become the driving force of this story, as not
only do his actions and bloody path to justice take him down dark roads, but he also
shows off the dark side of his own personality in the process. From strange and off-
putting practical jokes in the college/hospital setting, to his obsession with making his
girlfriend morbidly obese for his own needs, despite knowing the risks to her, the
protagonist turned anti-hero, highlights the far too often notion that those who seek to
destroy darkness either become darkness themselves, or always had that darkness in
them and struck out as if seeing themselves in a mirror.
The narrative and story here is the perfect read for those who enjoy dark and gritty
novels, especially those who enjoy mysteries that explore dark vigilantism and thrillers
that explore the mind of those who use violence in the dark and perform healing
miracles in the light. The detailed way the author brings the hospital and scenes in this
novel to life are remarkable to see.
Spine-chilling, heart-pounding, and gripping in its delivery, author Don W. Hill M.D.’s
The DNR Trilogy: Volume 2: No Good Deed is a must-read thriller! The twists and turns
the narrative take will keep readers on the edge of your seat, and the dark path that the
protagonist goes down will be both horrifying to behold while so gripping that it would be
impossible to look away.