The DNR Trilogy: Volume 1: The Night Crawler Protocol

In this horror-fiction, the authors narrate a story of a dark cult and human vampirism. It
is a tale of a world where turning into a vampire is a disease rather than something
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The DNR Trilogy: Volume 2: The Obsidian Knife

For this small community, the stories of vampires become a horrifying
reality for the residents as blood-thirsty creatures return and set their eyes

on the locals.

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The DNR Trilogy: Volume 3: Brotherhood of the Bat

A discovery goes horribly wrong when a young teenager

nds an artifact that comes with a horrifying secret.
Soon he becomes infected with a virus that changes him and his friend into vampires. Meanwhile, Dr.
Zachary Hawk unearths more than he bargained for when an artifact infects him.

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