The DNR Trilogy: Volume 1: Backing the Wrong Primate

The humor in this novel – of which there is a lot – is as black as the paintings that adorn the walls of the
Rothko Chapel in Houston (which is the city where the majority of the events in this novel take place).
Rothko’s variations on black invite the viewer into somber reflection. Author Don W. Hill’s sentences, paragraphs, and chapters invite the reader into the polar opposite. Fortunately, on purpose.  Read More >>>

The DNR Trilogy: Volume 2: No Good Deed

Wearing the white coat with dignity and pride is an honor in itself as one gets to serve the public as a physician. Working in the medical sector is a noble profession, requiring high moral qualities and professional qualifications. Providing treatment to save lives is a great honor. Read More >>>

The DNR Trilogy: Volume 3: Clinical Justice

The DNR Trilogy: Volume 3: Clinical Justice is the sprawling final installment in the
medical thriller trilogy by Don W. Hill MD. Although a standalone, readers are advised
to read the previous volumes for more clarity on the characters and their personalities. Read More >>>