Vampiro Trilogy Volume 1: The Night Crawler Protocol

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the virus continues to evolve and the
world’s new normal involves vaccines and masks in public places, the discussion
surrounding viruses and their effect on the general population has become a part of
our daily discussion as a society. Read More >>>

Vampiro Trilogy Volume 2: The Obsidian Knife

When looking to the world of science, there are many worthy fields of pursuit that can
expand our knowledge of the Universe and ourselves as a whole. From astrophysics to
chemistry, the world is vast and filled with never ending mysteries that will keep
scientists exploring and furthering our collective knowledge for centuries to come. Read More >>>

Vampiro Trilogy Volume 3: Brotherhood of the Bat

Throughout all of human history, there has always been a certain allure or calling for people to explore outlets related to what some may consider to be “the dark side” of life.
Things and interests related to the macabre, the darkness and death itself has
permeated its way into several cultures and stories throughout the world, and literature
has brought these interests to life greatly over the centuries. Read More >>>